About Powder River Cartridge

Simple Concept-

High quality bulk ammunition
, simple idea right? quality and quantity, that's what we thought. Powder River Cartridge Company saw a need for higher quality bulk ammo so in 2008 our website was launched hoping the idea would catch and PRCC ammunition would be in all the big name sporting goods stores. As the company started to grow we came to a cross road: start cutting cost to grow bigger to compensate for being in big name stores or keep our high quality, American made products and one-on-one support for our customers. The choice became clear as keeping our customers happy, and returning to use our product has been our number one goal from the beginning. As a manufacture direct company we are the only licensed dealer for both our bulk Powder River Cartridge line and our Evil Roy Cowboy Action Signature Series. Every round is checked with human eyes and safely packed to ship directly from our manufacturing facility here in the United States to our loyal customers.

Sincerely -The PRC Team