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45 Colt +P ~ 360gr WNFP GC ~ 50 Rounds
45 Colt ammo gas check in 50 round box.
45 Long Colt Ammo


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- 45 Colt Ammo
- Quantity: 50 Rounds
- Hunting Ammo

- New Manufactured
- Federal Primers
- Bullet: 360 grain WNFP GC
- New Starline Brass
- $1.40 Per Round

Our Price: $69.99

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45 Colt +P Ammo (Long Colt Ammo)
360gr WNFP GC

.45 Colt +P Loads are NOT Standard Pressure .45 Colt Loads and are not suitable for all pistols and rifles. Please know your firearm before ordering any +P cartridges. These .45 Colt +P cartridges are safe in all large frame Ruger revolvers including Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, pre-2005 Vaquero, Bisley, and Redhawks pistols.

These loads are safe to fire in both Winchester and Marlin 1894’s as well as Model 1892’s though some 1892’s may have feeding issues due to length.
.45 Colt +P cartridges are not intended for a New Model Ruger Vaquero or any small frame 45 Colt. These cartridges will also not feed properly in Henry Firearms.
Again please know your firearm before purchasing this ammo.
More Info
  • Similar to most great Western cartridges, the .45 Colt started out as a black powder cartridge and was developed in 1872 for the Colt Single Action Army, the famous Peacemaker. Like many cartridges over the years, much of its success and popularity is in part due to the U.S. Army adopting the 45 Colt as the official US military handgun cartridge. You may also see or hear 45 Colt ammo referred to as 45 Long Colt ammo or 45 LC ammo. 45 Long Colt ammo was just a nickname that was developed to differentiate it from the slightly shorter but very similar 45 Schofield. 45 Colt Ammunition and 45 Schofield ammunition were both used by the military in the same era, so naturally the nickname helped to distinguish between the two. One interesting fact about the 45 Colt that a lot of people do not realize is that the original 45 Colt ammo did not eject reliably out of the rifles, based largely in part to the minimal rim on the casing and due to the fact that it was not designed to be a rifle cartridge like the 44-40 cartridge. Modern advances have since created a thicker rim and the ability to cycle 45 Long Colt ammo through the lever action rifles, with many manufactures today cambering their lever action rifles in .45 Colt.

    At Powder River Cartridge, we take pride in both our 45 colt ammo and in the history of the cartridge, as well as the guns that it runs in. We offer .45 Colt ammo options for competitive cowboy action shooting, general plinking/shooting, hunting, and even personal defense. The 45 Colt is very popular both for its nostalgic history in this country and also because it truly is a very versatile round that can do it all. After nearly 145 years of use, there must be some reason it is still a popular choice. With some more recent guns reaching the market, such as
    The Judge pistol,
    there seems to be a revived interested in the historic cartridge.

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