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45-70 gov't (Standard) 405gr RNFP - 500 Rounds
45-70 ammo 500 rounds bulk
45-70 Ammo


Quick Overview

- Standard Pressure
- Quantity: 500 Rounds
- Velocity: 1575 fps
- New Manufactured
- Bullet: 405 gr RNFP
- New Starline Brass
- $1.78 Per Round
Our Price: $889.99

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45-70 Government Ammo
405gr RNFP Standard Pressure
Only the best 45-70 ammo components are used to create these hand loaded masterpieces. For example this 45-70 ammo is loaded with beautiful new Starline Brass, a Lazer-Cast silver alloy bullet, and very clean shooting smokeless powder. This .45-70 ammo is a great all around load, loaded to meet Standard Pressures specs in the 28,000 psi range.

More Info
  • At Powder River Cartridge, we take extreme pride in our work and it shows in the craftsmanship of our ammunition. Our 45-70 ammo is no exception. These cartridges are all hand-loaded with as much care and attention to detail as if we were loading them for our own prized rifle.

    We craft our 45-70 ammo from the highest quality components on the market. Which produces (you guessed it) the highest quality 45-70 ammo available. A clean, accurate, and dependable round that you can count on.

    For over a century, 45-70 ammo has had a rich history of military and sporting use. Further development of the round continues today with new technology, such as the Hornady FTX bullet, which greatly improves the ballistics of 45-70 ammo. We proudly continue to make 45-70 ammo loaded for Springfield Trapdoor pressures that work great to commemorate and enjoy your 100 year old guns.

    There is nothing like shooting an iconic gun that had such great impact throughout history. 45-70 trapdoor ammo is not only great for reliving the iconic guns of yesteryear, but is also a great low-recoil round for any of your 45-70 Government guns. We
    offer 45-70 ammo in everything from light recoil trapdoor/cowboy loads to the hardest hitting magnum ammo. This variety makes the 45-70 a very versatile gun and great for everything from plinking to bear hunting.

    To see our full line of 45-70 ammo options click here.
    All of our 45-70 ammo is American made, to the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and stand behind our products.

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