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44-40 Winchester - 200gr JHP - 50 Rounds
44-40 ammo for sale
44-40 Ammo

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- 44-40 Winchester Ammo
- Quantity: 50 Rounds
- Rifle: 1160 fps
- Pistol: 950 fps
- New Manufactured
- Bullet: 200 grain JHP
- New Starline Brass
- $1.59 Per Round
Our Price: $79.50

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44-40 Ammo
200 grain JHP

With this 44-40 ammo we set out to build the best possible hunting round for grandpa's old lever action. There just isn't many options out there for a quality 44-40 cartridge. The Problem with building a great hunting bullet is that it has to walk a fine line. The bullet must be soft enough to expand well, yet it needs to be hard enough to retain its mass and get good penetration. With this jacketed hollow point we found the perfect balance, as well as being extremely accurate. the soft jacket shell of the bullet seats well in the barrel, reducing any gas blow-by and making this a very accurate round. This hand crafted 44-40 hunting ammo is loaded in premium Starline brass with as much attention to detail as if we were loading for our own 44-40 rifle on opening day of deer season.

We offer these premium 44-40 cartridges in standard 50 round boxes or in bulk 250 round box option as well.

Velocity tested in a
20" 1892 Carbine and 6" Pistol
  • Rifle 1160 fps
  • Pistol 950 fps

.44-40 Winchester ammo has developed many names over the years, and is often referred to by its common name of .44-40 Winchester, or just 44-40 ammo. You may also see .44 WCF, or .44 Largo as well. More on how it got its various names below.
More Info
  • 44-40 ammo has a rich history is the development of this great country and is often associated with “The Gun That Won The West”. Winchester introduced the then .44 Winchester as the standard chambering for their new model 1873 rifle, which over the years became know as “the Gun That Won The West”. As popularity grew for the new cartridge it picked up various names such as .44-40 which comes from the caliber .44, and the popular black powder load of the time 40 grains. This was a fairly common naming system in those days. You will also see 44-40 ammo referred to as .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), or .44 Largo is Spanish speaking countries. 44-40 ammo was really the first to be both a pistol and a rifle cartridge. This really gained popularity as the ability to be able to only need one caliber for your short range weapon and your long gun was a huge advantage in the old west.

    There is nothing like shooting an iconic caliber that has shaped history like .44-40 ammo and “The Gun That Won The West” has. They say 44-40 ammo has killed more men good and bad, and more game animals that just about any other caliber in history. I don’t know that one could ever prove that fact but when you hold a 44-40 round, you feel like your holding history in your hand.

    At Powder River Cartridge, we take extreme pride in our work and it shows in the craftsmanship of our ammunition. Our 44-40 ammo is no exception. These cartridges are all hand-loaded with as much care and attention to detail as if we were loading them for our own prized rifle. We craft our 44-40 ammo from the highest quality components on the market. Which produces (you guessed it) the highest quality 44-40 ammo available. A clean, accurate, and dependable round that you can count on.

    We offer our 44-40 ammo in standard 50 round boxes or in bulk 200 round boxes and 1000 round option as well. See More 44-40 ammo options here.

    All of our 44-40 ammo is American made, to the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and stand behind our products.

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