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Highest Quality 45 ACP Ammo

45 ACP Ammo For Sale

45 cap ammo has a rich history in American lore. In 1904, John Browning designed a 41 caliber cartridge for use in his new pistol that was being designed for use by the US Army. The Army requested a minimum caliber size of 45 and Colt worked with Browning to develop the .45 ACP for use in the M1905, which eventually became the M1911 pistol. 45 ACP ammo was designed in response to ineffective handgun ammo used in previous conflicts. The effectiveness and popularity of this .45 ACP ammo kept the M1911 as the standard issue military sidearm until 1985.

45 cal ammo is ideal for military and police use due to its low velocity, large caliber, relatively low recoil, and excellent stopping power. 45 ACP bullets are sub sonic, making them well suited for handgun and carbine ammunition. Our high quality bulk 45 ACP ammo is perfect for target practice, range training, and personal defense. We precision manufacture all of our ammunition to exacting specifications using the highest quality reloadable brass casings, powder, primers, and bullets. Buying bulk 45 ammo is an excellent and economical way to make sure you have enough ammo without breaking the bank.

All of our 45 acp ammo for sale is manufactured in America, by Americans.

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45 ACP 230gr CPRN

45 ACP Round Nose Bullets

If you're tired of spending a small fortune on 45 ACP round nose, it's time to start ordering what you need from Powder River Cartridge Company! Like most people who visit our site for the first time, you're sure to be blown away by our great prices on 45 ACP bulk ammo. We know how frustrating it can be to find high-quality ammo that isn’t exorbitantly expensive, and we're pleased to be able to offer American-made 45 ACP copper plated ammo for remarkably low prices.

45 ACP Bulk Ammo

The base price for these 45 ACP rounds is incredibly low, and the deal gets even sweeter when you increase the quantity of your order. The more you buy, the more you save, so it pays to stock up on 45 auto ammunition from us. In addition to offering unbeatably low prices, we're committed to offering the best customer service. Feel free to contact us with questions at any time.

45 Automatic (ACP) 230gr Copper Plated Round Nose
This 45 ACP is a great round, designed with quality components to ensure accuracy and dependability.
This copper plated round nose bullet is loaded with new high quality new re-loadable brass and packaged in bulk giving you quality ammunition at a bulk ammo price.
Velocity: 725 fps
$0.44/ 1000

$0.46/ 250
$0.49/ 50

45 ACP 230gr CPHP

45 ACP Hollow Point Ammo

If you're looking for high-quality 45 hollow point bullets at bulk prices, Powder River Cartridge Company has you covered! Since 2008, we've been the leading source of first-rate 45 ACP hollow point ammo, and we're confident that you won't find better deals elsewhere. This 45 hollow point ammo features High quality copper plating and is loaded with quality reloadable brass.

High Quality 45 Hollow Point Bullets

At Powder River Cartridge Company, we know how frustrating it can be to find affordable, high-quality 45 ACP hollow point ammunition. Since the very beginning, our top priority has been to bring our valued customers the best deals on the finest 45 hollow point bullets available today. When you shop with us, you can be positive that you're getting the very best, and you won't find more competitive prices anywhere else. Powder River Cartridge Company ships orders promptly, so your ammunition will arrive at your door before you know it.

45 Automatic (ACP) 230gr Copper Plated Hollow Point
Our 45 ACP Hollow Point is a great round, designed with quality components to ensure accuracy and dependability.
This copper plated hollow bullet is loaded with new high quality new re-loadable brass and packaged in bulk giving you quality ammunition at a bulk ammo price.
Velocity: 750 fps

$0.44/ 1000
$0.46/ 250
$0.49/ 50

45 ACP 200gr SWC

.45 Automatic (ACP) 200gr Semi Wad Cutter
A great practice and target round that is extremely accurate. Designed with quality components and hand loaded to insure the highest quality. As with all our rounds they are packaged in bulk to save you money without sacrificing quality. This is a Semi Wad Cutter so it may have feeding issues in some guns, mainly double stack magazines. Most single stack feed will run just fine. (Warning: Semi Wad Cutter bullets may have feeding issues in some guns. Know your what your gun likes.)
Velocity: 885 fps.
$0.38/ 1000
$0.40/ 250
$0.45/ 50

45 ACP Wild Bunch 230gr RN

45 ACP Wild Bunch 230gr RN Ammunition

Evil Roy Signature Series Wild Bunch Load

The SASS Wildbunch is a fairly new sport to the cowboy action world and can be a lot of fun. Wildbunch matches use a 1911 pistol, which we have co-developed the perfect Wild Bunch Ammo for with Evil Roy. Our Evil Roy Signature Series ammunition is true competition load and is hand loaded with the highest quality components to insure an accurate, consistent, and reliable round. Our 45 acp wildbunch ammo is also a great low recoil practice round for anyone shooting a 1911, as well as young shooters learning to shoot a 1911.

At Powder River Cartridge there are no back orders or waiting on shipping. Our ammo ships in 1-2 business days because we know how important your next match is to you. We also offer Bulk Ammo discounts on all of our Cowboy Action Ammo.

.45 Automatic (ACP) 230gr Lead Round Nose

Velocity: 721 fps
$0.42/ 1000
$0.47/ 250
$0.49/ 50

45 ACP 200gr JHP -XTP

.45 Automatic (ACP) 200gr Jacketed Hollow Point XTP
Hornady's renowned XTP bullet provides maximum knock down power which is why it is one of the top self defense bullets on the market. It features jacketed hollow point bullets which are designed to achieve high-impact energy transfer and controlled expansion upon impact. Our XTP ammo is a custom grade ammunition that is hand loaded to insure the highest quality control and tolerance standards.
CPR: $0.65 per round


Discounts on Bulk 45 ACP Ammo Orders

Powder River Cartridge offers the best prices on standard orders of high quality ammo, but for us trigger happy gun owners the bulk 45 ammo discounts are where we really save on our bullet budget. We guarantee 45 ammo in stock and we currently offer 45 bulk ammo deals on our 1000 round packages of our 45 acp ammo; 45 acp 230gr CPRN, 45 acp 230gr CPHP, and 45 acp 200gr SWC bullets. When you buy 45 bulk ammo you can get 45 acp bullets for as low as $0.38 each!

Save money, Stock up, and Shoot for less!